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180 N Small Ave - Kankakee, IL
Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm
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What a great shop!  Friendly service and honest!  Fair and fast service!  Highly recommended!

Chris Orenbas


Great prices and service. Would definitely go back for my car needs. Thank you so much.

Johanna Skroko


Great place! I walked in with no appointment and they saw me right away. Staff was friendly and explained everything in full. Felt like the prices were reasonable too. Highly recommended.

Allison Shapiro


Good quality service.

Maurice Lewis


Known Bill for many years and the man knows what he's talking about!!

Terry Schultz

I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Stevensons for the repairs they just did on our '09 Acadia!!! Brought it in running pretty rough, and now,with their Awesomeness, it runs like NEW!! THANK YOU so much for the prompt, excellent service. We will definitely return! Kent n Tracy Saxsma

Tracy Saxsma

Bill and his workers do a complete job. The price is also responsible. I am not the only one to think that. I posted on a friends wall that I had Bill work on my car and three others agreed stating that Bill is the man for car repair. Good to know that they feel that way to.

Joann Lambert

Thank You so much for fixing our car!!! We got stranded at a gas station on our way to FL. My husband speaks very highly of your quick & friendly service!

Denise Rossberg

I absolutely love bringing my car to Stevenson's Auto Repair! They are always courteous, fast, reliable and always tell you what needs to be done instead of nickle and dining you for extras that you do not even need! I would not trust my car with anyone else! You definitely get your money's worth! They have a customer for life!!! I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for a awesome auto repair shop!!!! If I could rate them higher than a 5, I would!!!!

Ryan Jacob

Stevenson's put new tires and alignment on my F-250 today, great service and best price on tires after shopping around town. They should call this place super discount tires!

Kevin Benoit

Well I give you a five stars because we are going to call you tomorrow to fix my truck because Meinkie did a bad job/my check engine light came back on when I picked it up from there. So now we are going to your place tomorrow! :) Stevenson Auto has the best Friendliest Customer Service, Faculty, amd Staff! :)

Shane Ferris

Stevenson has fantastic customer service. They are helpful, timely and personable. They seem to be very honest and fair. They're upfront about pricing and will explain everything to you. Also, they really seem to care about giving you a great experience. Ask about their TechNet advantages.

Kyle Knott

Always gives good quotes, timely service, and excellent customer service. We'll always return for any car care needs.

Vanessa Senesac

My worst morning turned into the BEST!! I am not from the area when I got a flat tire early in the morning. I was lucky enough to find Stevenson Auto Repair. My tire was fixed and I was on my way within 15 minutes. The price was fair when they could have charged much more.

Best customer service. The staff was friendly and professional. They had personal touch. After they changed the tire they asked me to stop at the shop so they could check the spare tire's air level. They could have easily sent me on my way. I was extremely satisfied with their concern for my safety.

Happy I met the staff at Stevenson Auto Repair. Highly recommended and would definitely return.

Anna Kucera

Nice people. Nice business.


A true honest and reliable local shop! Bill or one of his staff have always walked me though the work that they performed on my vehicles and answered any questions I had. I have brought my daily drivers to them for over 15 years of many makes and models with no compliants. When I recently purchased my '68 Camaro and wanted to have it inspected, I knew there was only one place around to take it. Classics seem to be one of their specialties. A clean and well ran local business that I would definately recommend!

Michael Brooks


I called and visited several local shops who claimed to do lifts on Jeeps. It wasn't until I called this shop that my anxiety about the project was relieved. Brian Stevenson was my point of contact and was very knowledgeable about the process. A gentleman and very professional in our conversations. As mentioned, I drove almost an hour to have the worked performed. The Service writer and everyone at the shop were very pleasant people to deal with as well. The completed job exceeded my expectations by far in the timely manner that it was done as well as the quality of the work that was performed. The cost of the job was also a pleasant surprise. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who is considering having a lift project installed on their vehicle. It's nice to know that I have found a place that works on My 75 Cadillac Coupe De Ville as well. I will give them my utmost consideration going forward. Thanks again Guys!

Daniel Willis
Chicago, IL


I met Bill Stevenson in 1990.  I had a 1960 Chevy-Corvair that needed a transmission and engine.  No one in Kankakee would take on this job so I found a little garage in West Kankakee with a few cars sitting outside with their hoods up.  I snooped around and found Bill with his head under the hood. This "tall" man was the mechanic.  I've tried a lot of car repair shops but I keep coming back to the "Pro."  Also his son Brian sold me a nice used Chevy Blazer, and it doesn't get any better.  "God Bless Bill and Brian and their crew."

Dick Williams
Kankakee, IL


Please be advised that as a part of our TL9000 program, MTS Inc tracks all vendor efficiency in regards to number of items ordered, number of items received and punctuality of these orders.

For the period of January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012, your overall performance rating is 100%.

MTS appreciates your help in helping us to achieve the efficiency required to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Thank you for your ongoing help.

MTS, Inc
Knoxville, TN


Thank you so much for the work on the Vans and for all that you do for the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army
Kankakee, IL


Polite, very thorough, trustworthy.  Very happy with every experience from oil changes to repairs. They are very accommodating for any situation that arises.

Jim Vickery
St. Anne, IL


I take my vehicles two times a year for repairs and service. They pick up my car at home for me.

Ethel Mckay
Kankakee, IL


Stevenson Auto Repair has my trust knowing my vehicle will be fixed properly. I was immediately taken care of when my blinker and tail lights needed replaced. Quality Work!

Judy Wesoloski
Bourbonnais, IL


Dear Bill and Staff:

We wanted to say thank you for cleaning off the Town & Country Van that we received.   We were very excited and we appreciate all that you do for us.

The Salvation Army
Kankakee, IL


Very courteous and makes time for me.   When a light was broken they repaired it immediately.   Quick service and peace of mind.

Velma Charlier
Kankakee, IL


I have only been to Stevenson Auto Repair once, but I had very good service by an experienced professional.  I was provided with a loaner car so I wasn't inconvenienced and was able to keep prior appointments.  Appointments were right away.   I have a warranty on my car and belong to the their Car Care Club

Deborah Regnier
Gilman, IL


Integrity in your work is the hallmark by which customers have judged American Companies. This is what we found with Stevenson Auto Repair. Truly their word is bond!! 

We had Stevenson's install a water pump in our Aveo.  Three months down the road the water pump started leaking.  Stevenson's discovered that it was an internal gasket that had went bad.  Even though it was not their fault they replaced the part labor free.   When they give you an estimate, that is exactly what you pay.  When they do the work they do it correctly the first time.  You do not have to keep taking it back for the same problem over and over again.

Alan and Emma Cohoon
Bourbonnais, IL


Honest and Reliable.   Had an oil change and complete checkup before going on a trip.  When I picked the car up the thumping squeaky noise was gone and brakes were much tighter.  I did not realize I needed brake work.   Stevenson's replaced the engine in my van at about 100,000 miles.  Drove another 70,000 miles with no problems saving the cost of an earlier trade-in.

Russell Downhour
Bourbonnais, IL


The best auto service I've ever had!  All of my experiences have been excellent!  Great diagnosis and repair done on time.   Top of the line diagnosis, repair and explanations.  The Car Car Club always pays for itself.

Lee Schrock
Manhattan, IL


The best in Kankakee. They even sent me a birthday gift oil change and free car wash.

William Stump
Clifton, IL


Stevenson Auto Repair is a business that you can trust!  Their work is done with quality and it has become obvious to me that Stevenson Auto Repair is good at what they do. I own a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado Coupe and I will not let anyone else but Stevenson Auto Repair work on this car.  This car runs like new and I can trust that Stevenson Auto Repair will take good care of this car.  I  had an emergency repair on my Volvo 580 and  I rarely let anyone work on this car other than a Volvo mechanic.   I had Stevenson worked on it and they did a fine job.

Michael Scruggs
Bourbonnais, IL


Thorough; honest; fair; creative; quality; long lasting repairs; friendly; down to earth.

I had a difficult problem to diagnose.  Ultimately had to go with most logical likely cause.   It would have been an expensive repair but they took it on their own initiative to get it covered under warranty.  The benefits of going to Stevenson Auto Repair was the availability, peace of mind, cost avoidance and proper diagnosis of issue.

Steve Berg
Bourbonnais, IL


I have used Stevenson Auto Repair many times over the last 15 years.

They are honest with a fair price for work done. 

My brakes were repaired several weeks ago, however, driving my car after the repair it never felt just right.  Then over a week ago when applying the brakes there was a grinding sound when slowing down.  I called the garage and my car was promptly seen for new brake pads and resurface of the rotors at no additional cost.  It now drives smoothly.

Prompt service and made it right to my satisfaction.

Phyllis Reeder
Kankakee, IL


Honest!!  We purchased  our truck and a week or two later we had some problems.  They took care of it right away, no questions asked.  We like the pre-purchased oil change package.

Todd and Dawn Luhman
Kankakee, IL


Very good.  Your company stood by the warranty on our trans.  No baloney.

Don and Gerry Batkowsiak
Bourbonnais, IL


Very good. Will recommend Stevenson Auto Repair to anyone with car problems.  Found, fixed, and explained the problems with my truck that a chain auto repair store didn't.  They're honest and I know my truck will be fixed the right way. They stand behind their work at a fair price.

Nichole Norton
Kankakee, IL


I was impressed with how you treat your customers, with honesty and showing me what needed to be done now and other things for later.  I could tell a difference in the car as I drove home.  It seemed tighter and more solid. I have not heard the rumbling noise either.   Thanks.

Norma Rawlins
Herscher, IL


Very good.  Continued diagnostics after I thought it was impossible to find trouble.   Communicated with me well throughout the whole time.   Saved me time and money.

Victor Pourroy
Bradley, IL


Honest and friendly. They fixed my Chevy pickup for less money than I thought it would be, and I got a free tire rotation.

Stanley Ritter
Bourbonnais, IL


I'm confident my vehicle is in good hands when it is repaired by Stevenson Auto Repair.  I recommend Stevenson Auto Repair to others for their car care needs.  I am always satisfied with the service and the repairs.  Good quality service I can get at a fair price.  Thank you!!

Chris Olson
Kankakee, IL


Repairs were good; people were very friendly; price was fair. They flushed out the heater core on my truck instead of replacing it, which saved me some money.  Their mechanics discovered a faulty wheel bearing, on our 2007 Chrysler Sebring, which had been making the car very noisy since it was brand new.  After several trips to the dealership, they never discovered this.  Since this was our first Chrysler, we though they were just a noisy car, but now it's so quiet you can actually hear the radio without blasting it. 

Allen Gehn
Bourbonnais, IL


I have been a customer of Stevenson Auto Repair for fifteen years.  I feel your company has been honest and I know I don't have to worry about being taken advantage of because of my lack of knowledge about cars.   I have brought in my car to have the brakes inspected and was told I didn't need them.  Yeah!

When I drop my car off for an oil change I appreciate the service you provide in bringing me to work so I don't have to worry about getting another ride.

Debbie Ball
Bourbonnais, IL


I have just recently been informed of your company.  I came to your Ladies Day Seminar on Saturday, October 9 2010 and found it to be very informative and helpful.  I left the seminar knowing that this business was genuine, honest and the best.

The experience that made me aware of your high quality was the advice you gave to my granddaughter Kelly Steffens on how unsafe it is to drive without car maintenance.  The precious value of time and energy you devote to young people so they may progress in life.  Real informative advice for car maintenance is considered a valuable benefit Stevenson Auto Repair gives to their customers.

Catherine Pree
Gilman, IL


You are fair and honest and a pleasure doing business with.  When my car died at the Moose one night you picked it up the next morning, and it was repaired that day.  That's service.  When I drop off my car for service you take me home and deliver it to my door when it's done so I don't have to leave my home.   Thanks so much.   Thank you for inviting me to the Car Care Clinic. I enjoyed it very much.

Since my husband passed away 15 years ago, I have trusted my car care to Bill.   He and his staff have taken excellent care of my cars needs.  They are fair and honest, and I highly recommend their services.

Juliana Boudreau
Kankakee, IL


You saved us time and dollars. We were in a mess traveling thru your city after hours and needed help - ASAP.

Larry and Patty Owens
Catoosa, OK


You're great people!   You have done work for me (some time ago) but I was always treated fairly and left completely satisfied.  You were always available if I needed your help with a problem with my car.  

Dorothy Gwin
Kankakee, IL 


I have been to Stevenson Auto Repair three times.  They are concerned for your safety and won't let you leave the shop in an unsafe vehicle.  Toni, in the office, is very helpful and pleasant to talk with.

On June 18, 2009 I bought one of the cars for sale at Stevenson Auto Sales.  I couldn't have been happier.  My other car was a definite disaster and honestly it was the cost of the repairs etc.

Their Car Care Club really helped with the bill and knowing that people with knowledge about cars were able to tell me it wasn't worth fixing, helped with other solutions.

Marian McCabe
Kankakee, IL


We wanted to let you know that we enjoy your monthly "Fuel for Thought" newsletter.  We read about how your customers rave about you and we understand because we also wanted to tell you that we respect and value your expert knowledge.  We recently brought our Honda Civic to you for a second opinion.  We were being told that we needed new brakes by a local dealership, however, we did not feel that it was time to replace the brakes already.  Your employees verified this belief for us and told us that we weren't even close to needing new brakes.   So thank you for saving us a lot of money and not taking advantage of us.  We appreciate your honesty very much and wanted you to know what a good job you all do.

Craig and Bridget Runner
Limestone, IL


Always feel like my car has been taken care of and there are no worries.  The day I was on the edge of Kankakee and got a flat tire, I called Bill. He came to me in his truck, aired up the tire, and I followed him back to the shop so they could repair it.  Just know if something goes wrong, it will be fixed and if you have trouble again they stand behind it.

Bev Benge - Sales Mgr/Rep  99.9 WKIF
Chebanse, IL


Dear Sir,

Thank you for your monthly newsletter.  It is informative and enlightening.  Also makes good reading.  It is appreciated.

Jim Chapman
Chapman Aero, Ltd


Have used Stevenson Auto Repair two times and have found them to be truthful, honest and explained what needs to be done. 

Rick Smercina
Bourbonnais, IL


I enjoy the newsletter you send to me.  The articles are interesting. 

My Taurus is still performing well and I enjoy it.

Thank you

Arlene Marcuitaitis


I love the customer service. The company is overall the best!!!

I had my truck in for an ignition coil.  The technician had it finished in his lunch hour.   When I need something, I get answers, and I get them fast.

Paul Sippel
Kankakee, IL


I have used Stevenson Auto Repair for over 15 years.  My husband and I have had our cars serviced by Stevenson's for a long time.   We appreciate your promptness, courtesy, and honesty.  Repairs have always been explained to my understanding. 

Several years ago my car was sluggish at times and other times it would not run.  You checked the car motor and found clogged injectors.  The injectors were cleaned/replaced and different gas was suggested, which I adapted.  Three weeks later the same thing happened and you repaired the motor for free.  

I have received explanations about the complexities of my car in which the owner's manual is unclear.  I believe we receive fair costs for the services provided.


Phyllis Reeder
Kankakee, IL


Satisfied work with all the visits and work done. Stevenson Auto Repair is very honest, and you don't have to wait too long to get work done.

Mr. Lloyd Harmon
Kankakee, IL

Thank you so much for welcoming us to the neighborhood.  The plant you gave us is just beautiful.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and will do our best to become an integral part of the local community.

Thank you

Jodi - Razzle Dazzle
Kankakee, IL

I have brought my cars to Stevenson's since 2001 and have happy been happy with the great service and care I've received.  From routine maintenance to work on my kit car and race car, Stevenson Auto Repair has been the best.

Bob Brockman

We have been bringing our vehicles to Stevenson's for years and have always received consistent, reliable and expedited service from all employees.  It has been such a pleasure to be greeted upon arrival, asked what we think is going on with a particular vehicle (although we may not really know), and informed of a time frame during which we should expect a phone call with a prognosis for the vehicle.  After drop off, we always receive a phone call asking permission to perform a certain repair on a vehicle, and a ballpark cost is always provided.  It is so nice to be treated fairly and to know we are receiving the best service at an extremely reasonable price.

We will, of course, continue to bring our vehicle to Stevenson's for all concerns, whether it is for an oil change or a major repair.

Thanks so much for all you do!

Steve, Ryan and Christine Stanizeski - QSC Design Inc.
Bradley, IL


Very well work done. Will be back.   The work was done very fast and clean, and the price was right.  I like that Bill isn't just the owner but also works in the shop.

Jacob Smith
Bonfield, IL

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

Thank you for the coupon for Chicago Dough.  We enjoyed our time there and the pizza was so delicious!  Thank you for keeping our vehicles in great running order too!!

Scott, Marilyn & Samuel Paisley


My name is Jenise Lowe. I live in Herscher, am a Registered Nurse, and this was the 1st time I have been Stevenson's.

At the advice of my son, after receiving a large estimate on repair work from the dealer for my 2003 Stratus R/T, I came to Bill Stevenson for a 2nd opinion.  I did not tell him the amount of the estimate I had already received.

He met me at the door of his shop, he explained he would drive my car first and then pull it in the shop and look it over.  I had a headlight out, a middle brake light out, a side light out, and alternator belt with over 40 cracks in it, a broken muffler clamp, and a nail in my back tire... plus the major repair.

I know you are probably thinking this car has been neglected, but contrary, I have always had the oil changed at the dealers every 3000 miles.  I believe the headlight may have just went out, but the other items were missed by the dealership just the day before.

With winter coming, I so much appreciate not getting stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery and a flat tire.

My estimate at Stevenson's for the entire repair was 20% less than the dealership quote for the one item.  But I believe even had the price been the same I would have stayed with Bill Stevenson because of his integrity.  He reminds me of what I was always taught....Leave things better than when you found them.  My car was completely fixed and returned to me washed and vacuumed.

Thank you Stevenson's

Jenise Lowe,
Herscher, IL 


Dear Bill,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful service you and your staff have always provided.  You all have been most accommodating in getting me in on short notice, which I truly appreciate. And I always leave your shop knowing that things have been done right.

Again, thank you and your staff for an excellent job.

Mary Elise Burnett, Attorney At Law
Kankakee, IL


All the employees are friendly and helpful.  If you need a ride, they will take you where you need to go.

I was going on a trip to South Carolina, and I called on Friday morning to see if they could fix the air for my trip Saturday.   They said they could try to get me in even though it was busy.  By 3:00 that afternoon, my car was done.

Honesty to me is a great benefit.  When Stevenson's tells me what's wrong, I know that they aren't trying to pad their own wallets.  The Car Care Club is a great way to reward repeat customers.

Christopher Hansen
Kankakee, IL

Thank you for being so friendly and honest, also for the good work your do on my car.

M. Hutton

Thanks for all the good work on our cars over the years.  We feel you are a very honest person and we trust you. 

Also thanks for working on our children's cars.

Happy and Blessed New Year

Mike and Helen Vidic

We want to thank you and your Staff for the wonderful service you gave us.

Butch and Rita Hinderer

Toni and Bill,

Thank you so much for taking care of my car and helping me out while I am stuck in a wheelchair and housebound.  You are the best and really appreciate your kindness



Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent and prompt service. As you know maintaining a fleet of pick-up trucks requires consistent maintenance. When one of our foremen's truck is down, it's a burden to the entire crew.  The past 11 years you and your staff have always exceeded our expectations.  Because of your prompt and reliable service on getting our vehicles repaired, our crews are able to keep our jobs on schedule.  Thanks again and you can be assured when I am asked, I always recommend your shop for both personal and company.

Mike Dismang - Bisaillon Excavating Inc.
Kankakee, IL


Dear Bill,

I felt compelled to write this letter after I recently brought my company vehicle into your shop for repairs.  The vehicle has some very confusing problems that you very quickly diagnosed and honestly admitted that were in-directly caused by some repairs that your shop had done some four months earlier.

Not only did you call and explain what had happened, but you repaired the vehicle for no charge, which was not expected.  And it was even washed and vacuumed.  The truck literally came back to me running and looking like brand new. 

In this day and age, people seem to want to complain about everything and never want to say anything good.  I simply want to say thank you.

I cannot express how satisfied I am with your service, honesty and integrity.  Your customer service level far exceeded anything that I have personally seen in many years.

I congratulate you and your staff for a job well done and wish you many more prosperous years of business.


Jim Meents - Manager-Richards Supply Co.


I have been a customer of Stevenson Auto Repair for approximately six years.  With four teenagers in the family, it seems that I am always bringing one of our four cars in for scheduled maintenance or other repairs. 

I have found your mechanics to be thorough with their auto "check ups" and timely in their repairs.  They have also identified other issues related to the auto that may require additional attention.  Even when repairs are required, your staff takes the time to identify the options that are available to me.  

Your attention to detail and the quality of the auto repairs are appreciated.  I am comfortable in recommending your services to all of my acquaintances.

Thanks again for all the help over the years.

James and Julie Kirchner
Frankfort, IL


Millennium Technical Services, Inc (MTS) uses Stevenson Auto Repair for all of our fleet vehicle maintenance and repair needs.  In the years that MTS has used Stevenson's, our employees have began to use Stevenson's for their own personal vehicles.  Stevenson's has always provided quality work for a fair price.

Bruck Gerhart, Transportation Mgr. - MTS Services Inc.
Knoxville, TN

I've used your company many times over the years.  I've always had a good feeling.  Your mechanic always checks for unforeseen problems to help keep my vehicle up and running.  I like your honesty and feel I always receive good value.

Lyle Coffman -Seed Company Sales Rep
Kankakee, IL


Dear Bill,

When I found out that some of your customers had sent in their testimonials about your service, I felt that I could definitely add my experience as well.  I have been a customer of yours since you first opened in 1991.  I can remember pulling down the alley to the garage where you started out.

Your honesty has kept me coming back for 16 years, and you and your staff couldn't be any friendlier to your customers.  No matter how big or small of a problem I have you have always "steered" me in the right direction.  When you service my vehicles, you make sure that it is done right and at a fair price.  You have even recommended that some repairs could be performed at the new car dealership under warranty, saving me money.

I'm also proud to be a member of your Car Care Club.  I have always recommended Stevenson Auto Repair as a reliable and trust-worthy business.  In today's world, you cannot always count on trust and reliability from just anyone so I keep coming back to you, where I know I will find those qualities.  Thank you!

Tim Reiken -Scotts Lawn Service
Clifton, IL


I have been a customer since Bill first opened his first shop.

They are great.  They  are dependable, reliable and stand by their work.  Most of all, I always feel they are being honest with me.

After my husband died, we were in the market for a different car, and I mentioned it to Bill.  At that time (2003) he was starting his used car business and recommended a car which would meet our needs.  We ended up buying it and have been extremely happy with it.  

What I value the most is, as a woman who knows nothing about cars, I have the utmost confidence in having Bill's employees work on my car.  If anyone asks me , I always recommend Bill for their car repairs.

Marie Fleming
Kankakee, IL



I have never had a bad experience with Stevenson Auto Repair.   Always satisfied with diagnosis, procedure and results. 

I have piece of mind.  The feeling of confidence with repairs accomplished is great and I don't worry about future performance.  They provide excellent customer service, and all operations are explained with detail, making you feel like you're the only customer.

Mike Cavanaugh
Kankakee, IL


Great work and service. Their waiting area is always clean, and the customer service is always great!

Glen Davidson
Kankakee, IL


I would like to send my thanks to the hardworking staff at Stevenson Auto Repair.  I had been taking my Chevy S-10 to the dealer for repair work until my warranty ran out.  Their service was friendly but not always complete. I had asked the dealer about a problem with my driver side door weather stripping.   The problem caused water to leak in when it rained heavily and at car washes.  The dealer's suggestion was to replace the entire piece of weather-stripping at a fairly high price with no guarantee that it would fix the problem.  I had brought my truck to Stevenson Auto Repair for repair and asked Bill to look at the cause of the leak.   He noticed the problem with the weather stripping and fixed the problem without replacing anything.   The leak disappeared and has not returned.  This is just an example of all the top notch service I have experienced at Stevenson Auto Repair.

Bill Stevenson has been helping me keep my vehicles running since his days at the garage in Peotone.  I trust him and the staff at Stevenson Auto Repair to provide the best service available for any vehicle I own and recommend them to anyone.

Alton Stanbro
Forest Park, IL

I've been coming to Stevenson Auto for several years for all of my service.  As a widow I feel confident about your great service.  When the starter quit on my car, it was close to quitting time and you waited until I got towed in and gave me a ride home.  Now that's what I call service!!!

When I have the oil changed and things checked, I feel everything has been checked.  I have every confidence in your service and everyone is friendly.

Donna Crossman


Bill and his staff are very truthful.  We like being just a mile from our house.  Last December when we had our van being serviced, a leak was found. Very thankful it was found as our son was using the van over the holidays.   Always able to schedule an appointment within a day or two.  Bill is always willing to show you what was done.

Judy and Don Wesoloski
Kankakee, IL

I receive Stevenson's newsletter and read testimonials in it and thought I should share my experience with others.

While working in Texas, my truck started to miss. I brought it to a repair shop in the area and they had it for three days and could not figure out what was going on with it, and referred me to the local Dodge dealership,.  At the dealership, they wanted to change both cylinder heads.  I used to live in Kankakee so I called Bill at Stevenson Auto Repair to see what he though.  After explaining to Bill that I was trying to get home to Wisconsin since my job was done in Texas, he told me to have them put my truck back together and drive it to him.   He assured me it would be safe to drive, even though it wasn't running right.   I dropped it off at Stevenson Auto Repair and a short time later they called to let me know what was wrong, gave me an estimate and told me it would take about a week to get it in good running condition.  After all was said and done it only took three days to repair and saved us $1800, which was less than the Texas dealership quote.

If you are not using Stevenson's for your car care needs, then you should give them a try.

Thank you to Bill and his entire staff.

Sherri Wolfe
Rhineland, Wisconson

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